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  • Anonymous Anonymous asked:

    How is hailey?

    Hailey is okay, doctor said it was a slow growing tumor but were looking for another doctor to verify it. if that’s the case then we have nothing to worry about for atleast 10 years. thank you for asking 🙏

  • Anonymous Anonymous asked:

    What lens is on your Canon of the photo with your feet above water?

    that’s the 28 mm 2.8

  • the headlands

    the headlands

  • Dark & Violent

    Dark & Violent

  • this is my sister, Hailey. she has cri du chat (5p- disorder) and autism, she is an amazing girl, always laughing at the goofiest things. she is one of my main inspirations to be all that I can be. she tries so hard in everything she does, and succeeds in so many things. 

    when she was first diagnosed with cri du chat, the doctor told my mom she would never walk, she’s been running around causing a ruckus since 2004!

    earlier today her doctor called and told my mom that Hailey has a brain tumor that may or may not be cancerous. tests are going to be ran soon to figure out how bad this thing is.
    I and the rest of my family would greatly appreciate it if you would take a few seconds as you read this to send in prayers, wishful thoughts, or whatever you do… anything like that to better her health. we couldn’t imagine losing her, and anything helps…
    thank you. 
  • Audi R8

    Audi R8

  • some after school shopping with the good homie wyatt