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  • Rukhary, denim lord. 

  • Chicago, IL

  • chopped it up with the video lord Jake Osmun yesterday.

  • the world turns with or without me, or you… it’s a depressing thought, i mean without the feeling of personal necessity, what is there to live for? once we get over our own self pity though, the thought seems quite freeing. with the world not needing us to function, we can do whatever the fuck we want, when we want. fuck the worlds expectations, they aren’t real.. how can one establish expectations for something as unnecessary as us?               do you, do what makes you happy, don’t worry about being cool, we’re all gonna die one day.. why waste your life in an attempt to impress someone as unnecessary as yourself? even the cool kids don’t mean shit to this world… be care free and expectation free, the world doesn’t give a fuck. 

    lesgettit whoadie.